Brian Elliott - Portfolio

Here is my USA Cycling app (written in Swift):

Also, here are my Focus on the Family apps that I built and that currently have over 400,000 downloads (300,000+ iOS and 100,000+ Android): (iOS) currently - 5 stars rating (Android)

Here is an iPad app that I co-wrote with another developer at Focus (that has been removed from the iOS app store but gives you an idea of my iPad Development experience):

This includes enhancements to the Adventures in Odyssey home view:

These are the native apps I enhanced and maintained: (iOS) (Android)

Here is my personal app from Unplugged Systems:

Here is a demo video of showing a simulated climb showing how the app works:

And the companion web site (written in Python/Django):

Just to show my diversity, here is a website I developed recently in Wordpress:

As far as more details about my technical experience, here is some more information:

My iOS experience not only includes basic skills of building apps with the usual Views, Tables, Scroll Views, Image Views, Alerts, Storyboards, various controls, etc. but also includes:

- Audio & Video Media Playback - Audio streaming app with AV Foundation and AV Audio Sessions

- Core Location, Core Data, Core Plot & Google / Apple Maps

- Custom Container View Controller, Core Animation & Facebook Pop Animation Engine

- Social Sharing – Integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Email integration

- SDK Integrations: Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Buddybuild

- Push Notifications – implemented various push notification solutions including: PushSharp, Appoxee/Teradata, Parse, Layer, and PyAPNS

- Buddybuild Continuous Integration – Integrated mobile apps into the Buddybuild continuous integration servers, providing automated builds, tests, and deployment to the testers.

In addition to the above, I have experience and certifications as a Certified Scrum Developer working with a highly experienced Scrum Master and the Agile Lifecycle Management tool VersionOne.

I also have had a wide variety of duties throughout my career that involved interfacing with other developers, testers, designers, product owners, end users, potential customers, other departments, outside vendors and management to ensure the successful development and delivery of software applications.

My experience includes 30+ years of Software Engineering experience, from working on 3-D CAD applications on UNIX workstations in the 1980s for defense contractors, to being a UNIX based X-Window user interface specialist in Mission Planning defense applications, to building web sites and shopping carts in the 1990s for an e-commerce startup, to building websites, SOA backend Enterprise Service Bus implementations and finally mobile applications for nonprofits.